Classes & Workshops

WMN SPACE,  WMN Space is a conscious space for women to gather in service to their own healing as an offering to the community. The intention of WMN Space is to support women wherever they are on their own journey


Anapurna Living,  A beautiful website to inspire and nourish moms including meditations and ecourses.

Dan Siegel's Website,  Very inspiring work on the mind and well-being and a good resource for meditations.  If you ever have a chance, I highly recommend attending one of Dan's workshops or events.

Poet, Speaker, Astrologer: Heidi Rose Robbins,  Heidi is the speaker of truth and beauty and is one of the best poets I know.  Her work always touches my heart.  

Helpful Professionals

Acupuncturist: Adam Griffin, Acutonix,  Adam is a compassionate healer with an eye on nutrition. He can help with a variety of ailments and specializes in sports medicine and women's health issues.

Parent Educator:  Darlynn Childress, Parenting the Whole Child,  Darlynn helps parents develop and maintain emotional connection with their children while also teaching responsibility. She offers classes and coaching and is an amazing teacher.

Infant & Child First Aid / CPR:  Richard Pass, Save a Little Life,  Richard and his staff have taught thousands of parents and caregivers Child safety, first aid & CPR.  They offer an in-home 2.5 hour course for parents that covers all the basics.

Baby & Child Sleep Specialist: Julie Wright, Julie is an infant and child sleep consultant.  She recently wrote an excellent book, The Happy Sleeper, on how to help your baby get a good night sleep.  She is also the creator of the Write Mommy & Me classes which are offered around the city.

Doula & Lactation Consultant: Cheryl Baker,  Cheryl runs a beautiful center, Los Angeles Birth Partners that offers many classes and activities for moms and babies.

Reiki Professional:: Johanna Lieberman,  Johanna has been practicing reiki for 20 years and brings warmth, intuition, spiritual guidance along with her healing touch.  She also makes beautiful jewelry with healing stones,

Life Coach: Elizabeth Gibbons,  Liz has the ability to connect with others with compassion, understanding while also speaking the truth. She is a powerful guide and coach.  

Self-Defense: Jarrett Arthur,  Jarrett is one of the highest-ranking female Krav Maga black belt instructors in the United States. She specializes in self-defense for women, mothers, care-givers, and children. She offers a variety of workshops, classes and one-on-one sessions.

Kitchen Healer: Jules Blaine Davis,  Jules inspires beauty and simplicity when it comes to cooking and nourishing yourself and your family.  


Daring Greatly, Brene Brown.  It looks at "how the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent, and lead."  Very inspiring!  You can also see Brene talk about the power of vulnerability on her Ted Talk.

Any book by Dan Siegel, MD.  My two favorites are Mindsight and Parenting from the Inside Out by Dan Siegel and Mary Hartzel. Parenting from the Inside Out is a must read for all parents!




Postpartum Progress: offers in-depth information, community and hope for pregnant and new moms with postpartum depression and all other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth (including postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, depression during pregnancy, post-adoption depression, postpartum PTSD, depression after miscarriage or perinatal loss and postpartum psychosis).

Los Angeles County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force:  This is a volunteer network of over 30 individuals representing more than 15 public, private, and community agencies whose mission is to remove barriers to the prevention, screening and treatment of perinatal depression and related mood and anxiety disorders throughout Los Angeles County.  This site has a lot of good information for mothers, partners, and service providers.  

Postpartum Support International: 1-800-944-4773.  This web site offers women information on mood disorders during pregnancy and postpartum as well as phone support and finding a support groups in their area.  

PostpartumDads.  Provides support for dads and information on how to deal with a partner suffering from postpartum depression.  

The Online PPD Support Group.  Information, support, and assistance, in dealing with postpartum disorders.

The Pacific Postpartum Support Society.  Provides support to women and families experiencing depression or anxiety related to the birth or adoption of a baby.


Phone Support

Postpartum Support International: 800-944-4773

CTIS PREGNANCY RISK INFORMATION LINE: 800-532-3749.  Provides information or questions regarding the effects of medications, illness, recreational drugs, and other environmental agents on pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Postpartum Stress Line: 888-678-2669.  Trained volunteers who are survivors of postpartum depression provide support for others going through similar issues

National Hopeline Network: 800-773-6667.  Non-profit organization dedicated to suicide prevention, intervention and healing.



Beyond the Blues, A Guide to Understanding and Treating Prenatal and Postpartum Depression (2003) by Shoshana Bennett, PhD and Pec Indman, EdD.

Shouldn’t I Be Happy: Emotional Problems of Pregnant and Postpartum Women (1995) by Shaila Misri, M.D.

This Isn’t What I Expected (1994) by Karen Kleiman, M.S.W. and Valerie Raskin, M.D.

Conquering Postpartum Depression (2003) by Ronald Rosenberg, Deborah Greening and James Windell

The Postpartum Husband: Practical Solutions for Living with Postpartum Depression (2001) By Karen Kleiman

Postpartum Depression for Dummies (2007) By Shoshana Bennett and Mary Jo Codey

Postpartum Depression Demystified:  An Essential Guide for Understanding and Overcoming the Most Common Complication of Childbirth,  (2007)  By Joyce Venis and Suzanne McCloskey