About Tiffany

I love working with people and helping them figure out how live their most authentic, meaningful, and connected lives.  I first started down this road when I graduated with a Masters in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University.  I obtained my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 2003 and started a private practice in 2004.  By that time I had worked with a variety of different people, cultures, and issues.  After having my first child in 2003, I knew I wanted to specialize in helping moms and dads negotiate the many adjustments and challenges a new baby brings. Since then, I have worked with many, many moms and couples including the treatment of postpartum depression and anxiety.  I can't think of anything I'd rather do than help nurture mamas through an incredibly important time.

And then in 2012, I experienced a type of somatic work, which had a huge impact on my professional and personal life.  I was very used to working with the mind and looking at how our thoughts affect our emotions and behaviors, not paying too much attention to the body.  I realized I had been leaving out our greatest resource, the body!  Not long after that, I decided that I wanted to learn more.  I officially started studying the Grinberg Method at the International School in Berlin, Germany in November of 2013 and successfully completed my studies in October 2016.  As I studied the Grinberg Method, I also learned the powerful somatic work of the Pantarei Approach, benefiting from two different ways of tapping into the wisdom of the body. The work continues to be engaging and inspiring both for myself and for the clients I see.  I love it!

And most importantly, I am the mother of two lively, gorgeous children.  They inspire me to be the best version of myself possible.  With them, I remind myself that life is now, in this moment, and nothing else matters.  I don't always manage but when I do, there is nothing better.  They are a big part of the reason I do the work I do.

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