Individual Therapy

About one in seven women experience some form of depression and or anxiety during pregnancy.  And if you are a pregnant for the second or third time and had any difficulties or trauma related to a prior pregnancy or birth, anticipating your next birth can bring a lot of anxiety and fear.  Whether you are experiencing some mild anxiety about the upcoming birth or more serious symptoms, therapy can help.  

Anxiety & Depression During Pregnancy

If you find yourself overwhelmed, sad, irritable, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, thoughts of harming yourself and / or excessive worrying for more than two weeks, you may be experiencing depression or anxiety. Please reach out for help.  

Postpartum Planning Consultation  

When we get pregnant, we spend hours planning for the arrival of this immense gift into our lives.  We dream of who that little being is, what he or she is going to look like, our hopes and plans for him or her.  We go to childbirth classes, nursing classes, tour the hospital, get all the right gear, set up the nursery, and read all the books on how to care for a baby.

What we often don’t prepare for is how having a baby changes our lives in reality: emotionally, mentally, and physically.  The adjustment to having a baby will be the biggest change you will likely ever go through.  Many of us don’t have family around that are able to help out.  After the initial excitement of coming home, moms can find themselves alone and overwhelmed.  Our sole focus becomes the baby and we can even find it difficult to meet our basic needs! 

My focus is your well-being and creating a concrete plan so that you are able to nurture yourself as well as your baby during this transitional time.  I know there is nothing more important than being the best mama you can be.  When you are happy, caring for your baby can bring great joy.  And this isn’t at the exclusion of fathers.  Dads are included in the plan as well.  We look at how everyone in the family can be supported during this time so the transition happens in the best possible way.