Coming Home to Your Body

People often ask me what somatic work means.  The word somatic simply means relating to the body.  Everything we do, think, and feel happens in our body.  Many of us tend to walk around from our heads, not paying attention to our whole body and all that it is communicating with us.  Somatic work reconnects you to your body and the innate wisdom, resources, energy and strength that is already there. To tap into this wisdom, I use touch, attention, presence, breath work, movement and talking. When you are able to connect to your body and be in flow, you are able to move towards greater health, and more personal freedom.  Somatic work brings you home to your body, to your heart and to living in alignment with your authentic self.  

Some of the issues I address are mild anxiety, constantly feeling stressed, emotional pain, trauma, lack of energy, inability to quiet the mind, feeling overwhelmed or distracted, not feeling connected to others, lack of confidence in certain situations, self-doubt and self-criticism, mild depression, or feeling stuck.  


Somatic Services

WEEKLY PROCESS:  For those of you who want to learn more body attention, to connect more deeply to yourself, to move towards the life of your choosing, and to achieve greater well-being. Together, we listen deeply to what your body holds, what it wants you to know, and to be with whatever is there.  If there are old stories or old trauma, we pay attention to how your body protected you and then work to let go of what no longer serves you.  Sessions are one and a half hours and take place on a weekly basis.  Depending on what you want to achieve, a process can be anywhere from 1 session to 8 sessions.

POSTNATAL RECOVERY:  During pregnancy, your body is home to the growing being in your belly.  And amazing as this is, for some women, this meant that you were physically, emotionally and mentally uncomfortable or challenged.  During childbirth, there is an intense mixture of emotions, physical pain, and fear.  If there was any trauma during childbirth (such as an emergency c-section or health risks to mamma or baby) or old trauma was triggered, the experience of fear & pain is heightened.  Whatever your experience, your body needs the space and time to recover.  Here you have the opportunity to fully process, integrate and heal as your body needs.