Why Do a New Moms Group?

Why Do A New Moms Group?

When I had my first child, over 12 years ago, I longed for a community of other moms.  Most of my friends didn’t have children yet, and the one who did had already returned to work.  And like many Angelenos, my family was hundreds of miles away.  I spent all day, every day alone with my sweet baby.  I adored and loved him with all of my heart, but I was also lonely.  It was jarring to go from working with people every day, seeing colleagues, and having adult interaction to being at home with an infant.  When he was old enough, we would go to the park, more for me than for him.  I was desperate to connect and have conversations with other moms.  It was a long two years before I really found a community, and it was life changing.

A few years later, after my daughter was born, I went to a work related conference on postpartum depression and anxiety.  I mistakenly ended up in a break-out workshop on starting a postpartum support group.  In the end, it wasn’t a mistake.  I was meant to be there.  I left the workshop inspired to start a postpartum workshop.  Since then, I have run several postpartum groups and they are profoundly helpful to mamas suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety.  They know that they aren’t alone and that they will get better.  

As I continued to work with moms in my private practice treating a wide range of issues related to the pregnancy and postpartum period and remembering my own experience, I realized that all new mamas could use a circle of other mamas.  The adjustment to motherhood is possibly the biggest change a woman will go through.  Why do it alone? We aren’t meant to do it alone.  Our ancient history shows that we mothered in groups, caring for and supporting each other.  In an article by Tanja Taljaard, Why Women Need a Tribe, she states “Being with other women helps you to be a better mother, and the moral support, physical, emotional and mental support and stimulation create a beautiful harmonious environment for children to thrive.”  Having a tribe helps us know we aren’t alone, that there are others mothers to share their wisdom, validate our experience, and support us in our vulnerability during a vulnerable time.  We do this for each other.  

My intention for creating a new mamas group is to offer this kind of support, a circle of women, focusing on mamas and how we can nurture and nourish ourselves while nurturing the new little beings that have recently come into this world. It is a place to have real conversations, ask questions, tune into what is coming up for women as they mother, looking at how they can thrive during this transitional time and not just get through it.

I offer this group twice a month. The next one is happening on Wednesday, August 3 at 10:30 a.m. To sign up, please go to meetup.com or email me at tiffanyhowsam@gmail.com

Group is by donation, recommended donation is $20. Babies are welcome! Snacks, tea and water provided.